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88ND Sliding Window and Door

  • Solved rough and dull shape problem with Innovative New F-S System
  • Manual pop-up handle available (1 ~ 4 locking cams available)
  • Automatic pop-up handle available (2 locking cams available with SF-77ND)
  • Solid PVC track rail, One-Touch stopper, EPDM gasket integrated GB
88ND Sliding Window and Door


  • Residential A.P.T(In-land)




No Name Description
1 BF-88ND Frame Profile
2 SF-77ND Sash Profile
3 FS-88ND Fix & Sliding Profile
4 FM-88ND Fix profile
5 FF-88ND Transom & Mullion Profile
6 MC-77ND Interlock Profile
7 GB-5ND Grazing Bead
8 MF-58ND Mosquito Sash Profile
9 BF-60ND Reinforcement Reinforcement
(1.0~2.5 mm)
10 SF-77ND Reinforcement Reinforcement
(1.0~2.5 mm)
No Name Description
11 FS-88ND Reinforcement Reinforcement
(1.0~2.5 mm)
12 FF-60ND Reinforcement Reinforcement
(1.0~2.5 mm)
13 MF-58ND Reinforcement Reinforcement
(1.0~2.5 mm)
14 ROLLER-77ND Roller
(Stainless Steel + Nylon)
15 F-PIECE-60ND Filling Piece
16 SF STOPPER-77ND Sash Stopper
17 MOHAIR-115 Woolpile
18 GS-24TT Out Gasket
19 Handle 77ND Handle system

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