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Why Viatera®?

It's made with 93% natural quartz, the seventh hardest mineral on earth. More durable and easier to maintain than any other natural stone, Viatera® is engineered to always have a consistently stunning look.

HygieneScratch and Stain-resistanceNo sealant required

Viatera®, a beautiful non-porous material that's more hygienic and stain-resistant than other stone countertop materials, such as granite. And unlike granite, Viatera® Quartz surfaces do not require sealants in order to maintain its non-porous characteristics. As a result, they're approved for use in food service, medical facilities, schools, hospitality and other businesses where long-lasting durability. Hygiene and design flexibility are essential.

Why quartz?

It's the seventh hardest mineral on earth, behind gemstones such as topaz, sapphire and diamond. Our colors were inspired by the raw beauty of the earth and named after different stunning regions throughout the world. The palette contains colors that vary from soft and serene to passionate and intense. The clarity of the natural quartz particulates provide a beauty that can not be achieved by other manufacturing methods or techniques.
The manufacturing process of Viatera® melds nature and modern technology into an unparalleled surfacing material. Due to the natural quartz minerals which are mined out of the earth and utilized in the creation of Viatera®, a possibility of slight color variations and particulate concentrations may cause minor color disparities however, these distinctions add to the authentic look of all quartz and stone surfacing materials.