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2D Wrapping foil

LG Hausys 2D flexible foil is designed for flat lamination and profile wrapping. Our 2D foils are well-known for easy process that complies with all wrapping or flat lamination machines and glues that are available in the market. Also its high performing coating layers give advantages on scratch, abrasion, moisture resistance and durability along with a wide range of patterns and designs includes realistic wood grain patterns, solid colors and abstract designs.

Wrapping Foil


  • Designed for Flat lamination or Wrapping profiles.
  • Lamination of cabinet surface
  • Molding and Frames
  • Ceiling and wall panels


  • High level of surface protection, durability and easy clean up compare to paper laminates
  • All patterns and colors are available in 2D and 3D.

Line Up

  • Natural Bestin- Real Wood Pearl Effect
  • Semi-Glossy - Glossy level is set at the mid of 'standard' and 'high glossy'.
  • Miraein - Double Prints that increases reality of wooden patterns.
  • Innoface - Super Matt finish that replaces paints
  • El Reina - Abstract patterns
  • Artisan - Special embossing that increases the reality of patterns
  • Nature Skin - Much closer to real wood with deep embossing


2D Wrapping foil - PMMA Clear Top Layer(50㎛), PVC Colored Base Layer(150㎛)


Index Test Method Specification Tolerances
Thickness   0.2mm ± 0.01
Width   1,260mm ~ 1,280mm  
Tensile Strength

DIN EN ISO 527-3

(KS M 3505)

L: 250kg/cm²

W: 250kg/cm²

L: ≥ 250 kg/cm²

W: ≥ 250 kg/cm²

Tear Strength KS M 3505

L: 100 kgf/cm²

W: 110 kgf/cm²

L: ≥ 100 kgf/cm²

W: ≥ 110 kgf/cm²

Elongation with Heat LG Test Method (200±2mm/min)

L: 210 %

W: 220 %

L: ≥ 210 %

W: ≥ 220 %

Dimensional change LG Test Method (80°C/10min) Longitudinal:max.±4.0 %  
Color consistency   Manufacture and visual assessment with original specimen
Fault Definition   Optical deviations are regarded as faults if they are recognizable with the naked eye from a distance of 50cm within 30seconds in daylight

Technical Data

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