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Instrument Panel Skin

Through its broad research and manufacturing experience in advanced chemicals and materials since 1947, LG Hausys has advanced and leading edge of technology for instrument Panel Skin one step further, offering the highest level of satisfaction to customers.

Instrument Panel Skin


  • Excellent thermoforming even with deep draws
  • Excellent grain retention, touch and anti-fogging
  • Various specifications, properties and formulations can be controlled by motor company’s specification


Instrument Panel Skin - Surface Coating, Skin Layer, Back Coating Layer
  Thickness Width Length
Instrument Panel Skin 0.8~1.4mm 600~1,200mm 50m/Roll

Specialized in material with “TPO”

  • TPO is a material name that refers to polymer/filler blends usually consisting of some fraction of PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), BCPP (block copolymer polypropylene), rubber, and a reinforcing filler
  • Advantage comparing to PVC/ABS
Specialized in material with “TPO”
Eco Friendly Weight reduce(25~30%), Non halogen gas, non chloride, Recycling(Can be reused after molding as scrap)
Real Leather Effect Excellent grain maintenance, Softer, Tactile preference
Excellent Chemical Resistance Long term UV durability

Specialized in process with “Neuzen”

  • Cross-linking by electronic beam process
  • Strong grain retention compared with Standard TPO
  • On high temperature, Neuzen has high intensity proving moulding range
Specialized in process with “Neuzen”
  Cross Section Example
Instrument Panel Skin Standard TPO Instrument Panel Skin Embo shape variation, Embo Space stretched
Instrument Panel Skin Neuzen Instrument Panel Skin Maintaining Embo shape, Embo Space stretched, * Crosslinking Point

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