LG Hausys uPVC Windows & High Quality Materials

LG Hausys uPVC Windows Comes With LG Hausys Hardware Only

  • Windows

    uPVC Windows

    LG Hausys uPVC Window is a luxurious design product created with consideration on evocativeness and functionality. Our energy-saving soundproof uPVC windows provide customers with a better quality of life, while its user-friendly design presents customers with an emotional satisfaction which is the heart of LG Hausys uPVC Window.

  • Interior Materials

    Interior Materials

    The premier nature-breathing interior materials. High-touch interior products that create the beautiful living space of our dreams with superb design and advanced technology.

  • Surfaces Materials

    Surfaces Materials

    LG Hausys Surfaces Materials offer a full range of product choice, colors and styles that allow your interior space freedom to be explored and transformed to more fascinating place.

  • Sign & Graphic Materials

    Sign & Graphic Materials

    LG Hausys brings years of dependable expertise in manufacturing and supplying top quality products to the sign industry. Our reliable products and friendly, dedicated service will give our customers peace of mind and help advance their business.

  • Vinyl Coated Materials

    Vinyl Coated Materials

    LG Hausys provides high quality surface material with a variety of colors and patterns for makeovers of refrigerators, washing machines, and bathrooms. LG Hausys Vinyl Coated Materials uses a unique gravure printing method with transparent ink that enables multi-layering.

  • Automotive Materials

    Automotive Materials

    LG Hausys Autoskin will make your automotive interior look and feel luxurious. The look of leather while still being cost effective, gives the customer a premium interior that will exceed their expectations.


reddot design award

reddot design award
product design2011
LG Hausys 6 Winners!

New Challenge

Vacuum Insulation Panel

The Vacuum Insulation
Panel (VIP) is a technologically
advanced product that
combines high R-value

Wood Polymer Composite

The modern design, calm colors and various textures that express nature are highly valued in WPC.

In-Mold & Insert Mold Decoration Film

In-Mold & Insert Mold Decoration Film is cutting-edge surface design material for injection molding.

Performance Adhesive Film

LG Hausys PAF has been applied to mobile phones, displays, semiconductors, automobiles, architecture and other industries and provides the best solution for its customers.