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LG Corp.


Ever since our first steps 60 years ago, LG has always committed to being "the first."
The customer comes first and then LG- we will continuously keep that spirit in mind.
LG is ready to leap into the future to endure for one hundred years and more.

Total sales revenue: US$121bil.
200 Local subsidiaries in 52 countries
200,000 employees worldwide
Established in 1947
(Current rate 1,160Korea Won/US$), (as of ‘10)


  • 2003 Holding company (LG Corp..) launched
  • 1999 LG. Philips LCD (LG Display),
    a joint venture between LG and the Dutch Philips, established
  • 1996 LG Telecom established
    to enter the mobile industry
  • 1995 New corporate identity(CI) established
    (Lucky Goldstar LG)
  • 1958 Goldstar
    (LG Electronics) established
  • 1947 Lak Hui Chemical (LG Chem) established

Business Domains