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Creating human-friendly and eco-conscious living space

Design Center

LG Hausys Design Center will work with you to create
an opulent living space.

Design will be the decisive factor for corporate competitiveness in the 21st century.

Knowing that design will play an increasingly important role in corporate competitiveness, LG Hausys Design Center is emphasizing creativity to produce innovative designs.

Keeping in line with our vision of producing pleasing living spaces that are natural and filled with humanity, LG Hausys Design Center strives to enrich the living spaces of our customers through the evolution of design. In this way, our products possess not only superior design, but also an emphasis on life and cultural merits. With our devotion to customers and our insight of the future, LG Hausys Design Center will create more pleasing living spaces.

Design driven company - LG Hausys
  • Design driven company - LG Hausys

    • Embodiment of Customer-oriented Emotional Design
    • Development and Nurturing of Experts / Settlement of Research Culture
    • Global Insight / Competence Development


  • 2009 LG Hausys Design Center launched ( April 1 )
  • 2007 Title changed to LG Chem Design Center
  • 2003 LG research lab registered
  • 2000 Under the control of Division of Industrial Materials
  • 1995 Promoted to LG Chem Design Research Lab
  • 1993 Integrated design center launched(Chem+Household & Health Care)
  • 1991 Design center expanded
  • 1988 Expanded to Design Division
  • 1980 Under the control of Dept. of Design of Planning Division

Design Research

Research and analysis are the backbones of our product design

The success of a business is determined by correctly predicting the future. All LG Hausys products are the result of extensive research and thorough analysis of customer needs and desires. Based on this research, LG Hausys works to anticipate yearly trends in the fields of interior, fashion, and color design. We believe that understanding fast-changing consumer needs and lifestyles is essential for creating pleasing contemporary designs.

Design Research Process

  • Information Gathering

    • Research Trend Analysis, Market Analysis, Customer Taste Understanding
    • Membership Gathering and comparative analysis of interior design information worldwide
    • Networking Exchange of industry information through networking
  • Analysis

    • Analysis / Forecasting
    • Datebase
  • Application

    • Design strategy establishment
    • Design development application
    • Design proposal method


LG Hausys completes quality designs with a profound philosophical spirit

LG Hausys replicates the beauty of the natural world with each and every design. Every product we develop, whether it be flooring or wall covering, windows & doors for living rooms and balconies, bathroom and kitchen materials, interior furniture, or surface materials for automobile and electronics, provides customers with unrivaled aesthetic beauty.