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Creating human-friendly and eco-conscious living space


Inside every award-winning LG Hausys design is the customer-caring design spirit, offering a new perspective on products and exceptional heart for life and humanity. To showcase better products in the future, LG Hausys will continue to research the needs of our customers.

Award in 2011

product design award 2011 gold

  • Healthcare Window

    Healthcare Window

    The Healthcare Window was developed with focus on 'healthcare' with the intent of creating a 'daily space of happiness that is like a part of nature and has a human touch'.


product design award 2011 gold, GOOD PUBLIC DESIGN

  • Woozen traffic light

    Woozen traffic light

    To change the dangerous behaviors of the pedestrians, 'Woozen Traffic Light' has placed the signal lights on 4 sides to be more intuitive at all angles and ages.


product design award 2011

  • Automatic Ventilating System window

    Automatic Ventilating System window

    The LG Automatic Ventilating System (AVS) window provides a "breathing" space by ventilating by itself, keeping the heat inside, and refreshing the air.

  • Seamless Window

    Seamless Window

    Seamless Window is a neat window with the profile running seamlessly into the glazing bead. Interior custom-built windows and doors which match perfectly to exteriors and various interiors.

  • ET Window

    ET Window

    The simplified frame of window is harmonized in various styles of interior. And provide a benefit of wide view for user as much as the frames are hidden.

  • ZEA Maru

    ZEA Maru

    ZEA MARU - a brilliant eco-friendly solution for floors! This is the first PLA (Poly Lactic Acid)-based natural floor ever with a combination of different natural resources like limestone, citric acid, etc.

  • Karim Glasen

    Karim Glasen

    This is an innovative surface material that incorporates a unique printing method to create three dimensional patterns for both residential and commercial interior spaces.

  • Eco Dualex (Deco foil)

    Eco Dualex (Deco foil)

    It features outstanding patterns by Karim Rashid, which are represented by diffused reflection.


reddot Germany

  • Art Xcla

    Art Xcla

    Art XCLA is an innovative material indistinguishable in appearance to stainless steel but with greater flexibility in terms of color and creative design.



  • PG 102

    PG 102

    Design of the pergola resembles the tree to match the surrounding nature. Although the design approach is more sensuous to deliver nature's memories and experience to the users the output, the output is simple and modern.

  • Modular noise barrier

    Modular noise barrier

    Noise barrier is originally devised to prevent noise and usually limited in the design aspect. To improve this limitation, the Modular noise barrier is created in three dimensional look and various forms.

  • The Chandelier_Pergola

    The Chandelier_Pergola

    300X300 Grid Module frame structure that could be applied at all places and sizes. It could be varied into multiple looks just by changing the module panel's material, material's thickness and color to adjust to all environments and needs. Being modular it is easy to change and replace the pieces.

  • Woozen Bench BH 107

    Woozen Bench BH 107

    Design of the bench matches the surrounding nature, When the bench is reflected by the sun, its sensual boundary becomes even larger by the projected leaf shadows.

  • Woozen Bench BH 106

    Woozen Bench BH 106

    Because the design originates from the Korean traditional roof tile, the product shows simple, but noble modern elegance. Technically, hole patterns are created at the center part to prevent rainwater.

Award in 2010

reddot design award (red dot award: product design 2010 red dot)

  • Modular Window

    Modular Window

    Customizable windows and doors created to fit the needs of every customer

  • Hidden Frame Window

    Hidden Frame Window

    Windows and doors with minimal frames offering simple visual design and convenient maintenance

  • Clear View Window

    Clear View Window

    Multi-purpose windows and doors featuring a transparent synergy of design profile and GB color

  • Mendini Floor

    Mendini Floor

    A unique and imaginary space is designed through modular flooring products composed of 36 colors and 5 modules

reddot design award (red dot award: product design 2010 honourable mention)

  • Wash Mug, HI-MACS®

    Wash Mug, HI-MACS®

    Features a built-in permeable light and an attached storage compartment for personal items

product design award 2010, reddot design award (red dot award: product design 2010 honourable mention)

  • Seamless Canvas, HI-MACS®

    Seamless Canvas, HI-MACS®

    An all-in-one canvas with controls concealed on the back of the unit

product design award 2010

  • Lumi Woozen

    Lumi Woozen

    A material offering high visibility at night thanks to the co-extrusion of luminescent matter with Woozen

  • Magic Hi-MACS®

    Magic Hi-MACS®

    The world's first Acrylic Solid Surface to break away from natural marble designs by featuring the technical ability to create specific patterns.

Award in 2009

reddot design award (red dot award: product design 2010 honourable mention)

  • Digital Lock Handle

    Digital Lock Handle

    Touch type(Static electricity sensor) 1-way functionality, ergonomic design


  • Magic Hi-MACS®

    Magic Hi-MACS®

    The world's first Acrylic Solid Surface to break away from random design of previous marbles by featuring specific design patterns


  • Nature Skin

    Nature Skin

    "Nature-skin" finishing material for furniture surfaces that is undistinguishable from the look and feel of natural wood.

interzum award : intelligent material & design 2009

  • Art XCLA

    Art XCLA

    Through innovative technology, this material now offers unlimited pattern designs in addition to the typical metal hair designs.